About us

Welcome to our unique world of MahallaTex.
We are here to satisfy all your needs and desires of lingerie, home wear and Towels.
Since 2002 we produce the best models to suit you and with the latest world fashion.

With any of Coquette, C’est moi and towels products you can be sure you have added a special addition to your wardrobe.
All products have been produced based on different ideas to provide a different feeling due to their styles, colors and in particular fabrics, which are one of the finest fabrics in the world.

All products are produced by “Mahallatex” founded in 1966 as a branch of the parent company “Khalil Brothers” which was founded in 1882; both companies are working in the field of production, distribution, import and export of fabrics, ready made garments, uniforms, work wear, home wear, lingerie, bed sheets and towels.

Most of our production is taking place in Egypt mostly with Egyptian cotton, in addition of some production in India, Turkey and Syria.